Tasmanian Rainforest Accommodation

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Do you want to experience the wild North West of Tasmanian in comfort? What accommodation suits you. You can choose between luxurious accommodation or uncomplicated. You can choose our Tarkine Forest adventures packages at Dismal Swamp to make your Tasmanian trip unforgettable. We guarantee once in a life time experience for all visitors.

The Tarkine is known as the second largest expanse of cool temperate rain forest in the world. Most travellers describe it as a hidden treasure that offers a very special and endearing experience. We offer a whole range of activities and you can enjoy the wilderness at its purest form. We are committed to making your Tasmanian Rainforest accommodation a revitalizing and transformational experience.

In addition to the wilderness, Tarkine Forest offers an archipelago of experiences. You can enjoy river cruises, forest walks, self-guided drives and some amazing attractions as well. If you want to have an inspiring holiday experience with your family, you can book our outdoor adventure package with rainforest accommodation.

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