The Slide

The slide is 110 metres long. The speed of the slide has many variables. The weather conditions will determine the speed. Very warm and dry days the slide will get you to the bottom in 15 seconds, when it’s wet and cold, the slide can be more difficult to move.


The Rules

  • All sliders must be over 8 years of age and be above 90cm of height.
  • A helmet must be worn at all times.
  • All loose objects must be removed from pockets.
  • Lay down feet first Hold handles on the inside of the slipper Head first and sitting up is NOT allowed Please disembark immediately at the end of the slide.
  • Persons with the following conditions are not permitted to ride the slide.
  • High blood pressure Heart conditions Knee or hip conditions Neck or back injuries Pregnant.
  • The onset of osteoporosis Sliders are required to follow instructions.
    • Failing to do so could result in injury.
    • Patrons ride the slide at their own risk.

The Entry Fee

  • Adults $20.00
  • Children 8 years & 12 years $10.00
  • Children 7 and under are free

To ride the slide you can purchase a token for $2.00 each time.
Tokens can only be sold to entry ticket holders.

The Fun Parts

Win Meares our oldest on the slide, youngest at heart at 98 and a half years. Well done Win! Win came with her daughter on a coach group tour of Seniors. Not sure that the men folk were happy with Win, they stood up to be counted though


Not long after Win’s visit, and her famous photo shoot on face book, look who came to try it out too. Here is Win’s grandson and her great grandsons shamed by Nan into going down the slide.


A ninety year old braved the slide 6th November 2014. Well done Bill Foley