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Tarkine Forest Adventures was, originally, built by Forestry Tasmania in 2004. Forestry Tasmania ran the operation until April 2010 when they decided to close it. We felt that Tarkine Forest Adventures at Dismal Swamp was too important and special to just disappear so we tendered (successfully) for the rights to the business and re-opened the operation in September 2010 as a family run facility. We take great pride in our facility and you can be assured that the people that you are dealing with are the owners. We care for our visitors and attempt to give the best service possible. .Dismal Swamp sinkhole is a dramatic sign on the earth’s surface of an underground world of caves, springholes and streams. It is the elder of a family of local sinkholes and many can be seen on the nearby South Arthur Forest Drive. The unusual underground geology forms a 600 hectare sinkhole creating a unique ecosystem that has existed for tens of thousands years.

Dismal Swamp is the only blackwood sinkhole in the world. Unlike many other places, blackwoods flourish here and their secret lies in the company they keep and the seeds they drop that can stay dormant in soil for up to a century. Usually germination is only triggered in a disturbance such as wild fire, flood or logging, but in this swamp, little burrowing crayfish are continually churning the damp soil to provide ideal conditions.

Blackwoods are a type of wattle found on the east and in South Australia, but it is in Tasmania’s West that they truly thrive growing up to 50 metres. Blackwood is a specialty timber prized by artists, furniture makers and designers and was harvested here from the early 30’s to produce barrel staves. To appreciate its warm glow and beauty, take in the magnificent, curved blackwood wall in our centre.

Down below, where the walkway and slide end, four pathways take you into a swamp that is rare in the world. This natural beauty is home to a diverse range of creatures, ringtail possums, pademelons, spotted tail quoll, devils and the very special burrowing crayfish. For the bird enthusiasts, the pink breasted robin is a delight with its “tick” call like two stones clicked together and a trill

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